The Five Themes of Geography

The Absolute and Relative Location of Italy

Absolute: Rome, Italy is: (Latitude)= 410 54 N (Longitude)= 12 0 27 E
Relative: Italy is south of Germany, east of France, west of Hungry, and north of Africa. Italy is also in the Northern Hemisphere, it is also in Europe.

Place: Human Characteristics

The people are mostly tall, tan, and dark haired.

Place: Physical Characteristics

The Apennines are a mountain range that run 1000km north to south along the eastern coast of Italy. Most of Italy is mountain, or it is very hilly, with only a few areas of flat land.

Movement of People

Many people use trains, cars and boats to get around. Venice is famous for its waterways, were you travel on boats and there are no streets.

Movement of Goods

Italy’s main exports are wine, footwear, and various types of stone for building. Theses products are mostly shipped throughout the Mediterranean Sea and other surrounding bodies of water. Those being shipped to close countries only accessible by land, are driven on trucks. Other items that need to be delivered to the USA are flow of shipped.   

Movement of Information

There are over 40 newspaper printed in Italy today. Other ways ideas are spread, is through radio, magazines, and television.

Human Environment Interaction: How Humans Affect the Environment

~ There are some poachers in Italy that are taking wildlife from national parks, are killing them.

~ The people of Italy has been dumping trash, some of it toxic, around Naples. Which produces the best mozzarella.

Human Environment Interaction:
Environment Affects Humans

A recent earthquake in Italy has devastated and killed many people. It killed over 150 people and wounded 1,500. The earth quake started 70 miles northeast of Rome at 3:22 a.m. releasing over a dozen after shocks.